Helping to Feed The Homeless In Dublin

A Humbling Night With The Homeless

Last week we took the short trip down to Dublin and called to the Central Bank on Dame Street and then onto the GPO. These are two of our capital’s most iconic buildings but when the busy day is over, they become the nightly destination for the various charitable organisations that feed thousands of homeless souls.

Thousands of people, each with a different story. Some of them actually live on the streets, some bed down in hostels, some seek refuge in hotels or “squat” in neglected old buildings. Each and everyone of them is without the comfort to call somewhere their own and most of them do not have access to the simple things that we take for granted – a cooker, a fridge.

We all have days when we don’t want to cook but we have the option of heading to a local restaurant or ordering in a take away. But imagine not being able to have a cup of tea when you want one!

All the guys that organise the soup runs deserve huge credit as many of the homeless come to depend on them on a nightly / weekly basis.

If you have old, warm clothes lying about – please let me know. Better still, hop in your own car and head to Dame Street or the GPO for 8pm any Monday night. It’s an incredible eye opener and will really make you appreciate all that you have.

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